Hello and welcome.

How nice that you found your way here!

I'm Meike and I founded Barni & Wilma in summer 2020.

Basically, enjoyment is a central theme in my life. Even as a small child, I always liked to eat tasty things, which hasn't changed to this day.

The most important meal of the day for me is definitely breakfast – I just love it!!! This is also the main motivation why I started this project. What could be nicer than starting the morning with a delicious, wholesome and lovingly prepared breakfast? I can't think of anything.

Whirling around in the kitchen and experimenting again and again is certainly one of my great passions. That's why you'll regularly find delicious and, above all, healthy breakfast recipes here and on our Instagram/Facebook account.

A balanced diet that is as natural as possible is important to me and I am not at all a fan of industrially processed products that are stuffed full of refined sugar. To solve the problem, I've been baking my own muesli for many years - because I love muesli. I could actually eat it all day. 

Thanks to some food for thought from family and friends, my creativity and crazy ideas that keep coming up, I thought in spring 2020 that I could actually make other muesli lovers happy with my muesli recipes I created myself. On the basis of numerous recipe collections and ingredient experiments, real products have now been developed that I am very proud of.

So if you have never tried what is perhaps the tastiest granola (by the way = roasted muesli) from the Lower Rhine, you can order it in our online shop or buy it from local retailers here on the Lower Rhine.

All our granola varieties are handmade and packed with natural ingredients. We try to avoid adding industrial sugar as much as possible and also pay attention to reasonably sustainable packaging, which by the way is not that easy - there is definitely still room for improvement here.


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