Das war 2020... DANKE!!!

That was 2020... THANK YOU!!!

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hey, you breakfast lover

A good week into the new year has already passed. Nevertheless, we would like to briefly review 2020 and at the same time thank you for your support and your great and appreciative feedback.


One thing is for sure - 2020 was crazy. In addition to all the negative Corona-related news, there were also many things that should be highlighted positively.
For example, numerous people have become more concerned with the topic of regionality and sustainability and at the same time shown solidarity by shopping at the farmer around the corner or supporting small local retailers. Online trading has also grown significantly in the last year - everyone has certainly been able to experience this for themselves. All things that have certainly benefited us.
Another effect was the additional free time you suddenly had. Due to home office, the majority of people no longer had to commute to work, meetings with friends and family could not take place at all or only rarely, events were canceled, trips were mostly canceled, and much more. On the one hand stupid and sad, but on the other hand also new opportunities and potential for creative ideas.
Why not make other muesli lovers happy with a delicious, homemade muesli???

Hello Mandel Britta!

If you have the doer gene in you, a question like this is hardly finished... that's when the preparations begin.
Pretty handy if you already run a breakfast-themed food blog that regularly shares new recipes and inspiration. So it fit like a bucket, as the saying goes.
After a few weeks of numerous brainstorming sessions, research activities, baking tests, lots of muesli tastings, design creations for labels, bags and logos, supplier searches, further taste tests, online shop developments, testing of sales options, dealing with hygiene and commercial activities and and and... it was finally like this far. Our first granola product, the Almond Britta, was ready for the big, wide world of breakfast lovers.

The online shop was officially opened on August 31, 2020 and the first orders arrived. That was really incredibly exciting!!! About 4 months have passed since then and a lot has happened:

#1 The Mandel Britta is now available in small, large and sustainable packaging types.

#2 She also added a new addition to her family with Jana Banana, a gluten-free, vegan granola made from buckwheat and banana chips

#3 In addition to granola, you can now also buy sustainable coconut shells in the online shop.

#4 The shipping concept has been revised and has become significantly cheaper. Instead of DPD, DHL and Deutsche Post now deliver. We also offer free shipping for purchases over 25 EUR. There is also a delivery service for the Kleve district and parts of the Wesels district (Ladel-Lokal.Shop) that can deliver the goods on the same day - depending on availability, of course.

#5 Our products are now also available in stationary stores. These include YAY-Living Conceptstore and Joto & Coco in Kleve, Süß&heimelig and FroBro in Goch, Bauernladen Hebben in Kranenburg and Moeselaegen in Kevelaer. Auguste Luise - the gourmet friend in Neukirchen-Vluyn - will be joining us very soon, which we are really happy about.

#6 We now have our own small factory where our granolas are made with a lot of love and by hand.

A lot has really happened. And now???

What will happen this year...? Who knows.
We at least have a rough plan. This definitely includes expanding our product range. We would also like our products to be even more represented by local retailers in the region. If Corona allows it, it would also be great if there were collaborations with cafés. One thing is for sure - it definitely won't be boring.

We can already announce one little thing: from tomorrow onwards the Almond Britta will be available in a compact 350g stand-up pouch. The 280g flat bottom bag will therefore expire.

On this way, a huge thank you again for all the support, positive feedback and appreciation in 2020. We are sure that the new year will be great and wish you all the best, all the best, and lots of health.

Greetings from
Barni & Wilma

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