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Longer shelf life + 20% discount...

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hey, you breakfast lover

And another month has passed. Autumn is such a thing - you can't deny that anymore. The speculoos fill the supermarket aisles together with gingerbread and dominoes!!
It's almost impossible to walk past it.
As much as we love summer, we will still come to terms with the situation and, as always, make the best of it. Such an autumn/winter walk can also be something very nice and to be fair you have to admit that the air outside is really great. Of course, we also know that we cannot avoid the cold season. At least not if you spend it in Germany. ;-)

So we accept the challenge and have actually prepared ourselves a bit mentally for the upcoming Christmas season. A small creative workshop took place last week in which we came up with something nice and suitable. It's not quite finished yet and it's far from ready to be shown, but we still want to tell you that a beautiful Christmas box will probably be available in the online shop from mid-November. Which products will find their place in it is not yet 100% certain, but the trappings are. The box will definitely be very nice, that much is for sure!!! Of course, we will proudly report on it in the newsletter as soon as it is available.

There is also another Christmas news - on the first weekend in Advent you will find us together with dear Eva from hübsch&heimelig at the Pfalzdorf Christmas market. We will share a large hut there and are already looking forward to numerous visitors and one or the other mulled wine. So you can already make a note of November 27th/28th, 2021 in your calendar. We will certainly draw attention to this shortly beforehand via social media.

Just like that - unpackaged shopping in Xanten

*The following text contains unpaid advertising*
Last month we introduced you to Straelend Unverpackt . Today we stay in the same segment and only drive a few km further to beautiful Xanten - because this is where Kathrin Hackenbruch's unpacked shop "Nur so - Unverpackt Xanten" is located.

In her small shop in the center of Xanten, the owner offers her customers the opportunity to consume more sustainably - both in the food and in the non-food area.

These include, of course, cereals, nuts, dried fruit, pasta, rice, but also cleaning agents, cosmetics, kitchen gadgets and much more. A full product list is available here .

Since this summer you will also find our long-running favorite, the Mandel Britta!

We are happy to be represented there. As we have said many times before, we think the unpackaged concept is really great and are proud that we can promote/support plastic-free, sustainable shopping in this form.

Just like that - unpackaged Xanten
Catherine Hackenbruch
Victorstrasse 6
46509 Xanten

Be a packaging saver!!!

watch out!! Up to and including Monday, October 18th, 2021 there is a 20% exclusive offer for you as a newsletter subscriber in our online shop on Hafer Hans and Mandel Britta Schoko-Edition.

We would like to celebrate the reason for this with you!
So far we have generally calculated with a best before date of 4 months. However, a recent laboratory test has shown that our products have a shelf life of at least 6 months.
Since we don't want to transfer everything into new bags and thus dispose of our beautiful packaging material, we are offering you the products mentioned at a preferential price.

These are already reduced by 15% in the online shop - with the following discount code you will receive a total of 20% off the normal price. You can simply add this to the shopping cart at checkout.

Join us and be a packaging savior!

Greetings from

Barni & Wilma