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May we introduce? Frida Coco

hey, you breakfast lover

Just a few more weeks until spring is finally here. Are you already looking forward to milder temperatures, sunshine and birdsong? We really can't wait. March also brings with it a lot of great and exciting events. As announced, we will be holding many tastings and our first trade fair exhibition is also coming up. We are already really excited.

So that you don't lose track (the same applies to us too 😁), you will find all the dates for the next few weeks below (we will announce the exact times of the tastings shortly beforehand via social media):

03.03. Muesli tasting

EDEKA Endt SteinsStraße, Mönchengladbach

EDEKA Endt Nordpark, Mönchengladbach

(Nicole, the Lower Rhine Miss, is also there)

04.03. Muesli tasting

EDEKA Endt Hardt, Mönchengladbach

EDEKA Endt Wegberg, Wegberg

10.03. Muesli tasting

REWE Köster, Essen

18.-19.03. Fair

VeggieWorld, Düsseldorf

03/25 Muesli tasting


We already teased it last month - sleep a few more times and then it's finally here. Our new granola variety will be available from March 1st. officially available for purchase in the online shop. But since you are reading our newsletter at this moment, you are very lucky to be able to place your order today before anyone else. 😎

We will also introduce you to one of our new partners in the current issue. This time the journey takes us to the Ruhr area, not far away - namely to Essen-Rellinghausen to Jens Köster's REWE market.

And our recipe of the month is a delicious vegan Kaiserschmarrn with almond Britta Granola in the Niederrhein Fräulein edition. You should definitely try this!

Mandel Britta & Co. at REWE Köster

Hello food,

There is great news again, because our granolas have been available in the not far away Ruhr area since February. To be precise: in Jens Köster's REWE market in the Rellinghausen district.

There you will find Mandel Britta & Co. in our eye-catching wooden display. Since the owner Jens Köster also MANUFAKT.RUHR (a concept store for manufactured products, also based in Essen) supplies us with food, we are very lucky that our granolas are now also represented there. We will report on this again in a separate newsletter.

In any case, we are really happy about our new Essen customers and hope that the “Ruhrpottlers” also get a taste for Mandel Britta and the like.

To make it easier for you, we will be on March 10th. We are organizing a tasting at the REWE market and we look forward to welcoming everyone who wants to try it.


Frankenstrasse 54

45134 Food

May we introduce??

Our new granola variety: Frida Coco 🥥
The perfect match for anyone who likes vegan, gluten and nut-free food.

⭐️ 100% natural and without industrial sugar
⭐️ mild coconut taste
⭐️ extremely crispy

What exactly is in it?
❤️ Buckwheat
❤️ Coconut chips
❤️ puffed quinoa
❤️ Pumpkin seeds
❤️ Sunflower seeds

The whole mixture is of course gently roasted in the oven with maple syrup and coconut oil as well as a spice mixture of cinnamon and salt.

How did the new variety come about?
On the one hand, more and more customers have asked for a variety that is vegan, gluten-free and nut-free.
At the same time, last year we received an inquiry from the beautiful yoga hotel in St. Peter Ording, the Kubatzki.
The operator was really excited about our gluten-free Jana Banana. However, she already had her own house mix with banana on offer and wanted something different that was still gluten-free.

From this we developed the Frida Coco, where people who follow a vegan diet and can't/don't want to eat gluten or nuts get their money's worth. Of course everyone else too. 🥰

Crispy greetings from
Barni & Wilma

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