Schoko Granola mit Mandeln

There are days when things don't go smoothly...

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hey, you breakfast lover

There has been a lot of hustle and bustle here in the last few weeks:
We have moved most of our basement bakery from Goch to Kleve. Now we are still waiting for the last pieces of furniture, one or the other correction work by the craftsmen, Internet, signage and Co.
It's getting so slow. :-)

In any case, we are already very proud of what has been created there in the last few weeks and months and are really looking forward to the coming time and in particular to what can still develop from it.

As reported in the last newsletter, we carried out the first real oven test with the Wachtel company at the beginning of the month and were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything worked.
(On Instagram you can see many pictures and videos in the story highlights: @barniundwilma )

Since then we have baked in the new premises one or two times and of course we still notice many things that are missing or that we will do differently in terms of process technology than before.
Speaking of doing things differently in the future - below you will find our current discount campaign. We had a little problem with heat and chocolate. Happens... ;-)

At the same time, there is still a lot of paperwork to be done, official issues to be dealt with and documentation to be created. That is also part of it.

So everything is still very exciting and challenging and we think that's really great.
Incidentally, just like the fact that our products have recently been available in Switzerland.
More on that below.

"Meet and sleep, work and eat" at the hyve in Basel

We have recently also been found in Switzerland and are very happy that our granolas can make the hyve breakfast buffet happy.

The hyve has a pretty cool concept. You can stay there in inexpensive shared rooms in the hostel as well as in spacious hotel apartments, quiet, comfortable hotel rooms or in fun Swiss Capsules.

In addition to overnight accommodation, you can also book individual workspaces as well as stylish and creative meeting or workshop rooms.

Meditation and yoga courses are also offered at lunchtime and in the evening.

And now THE highlight. ;-)

You start your day with a great granola breakfast and let your taste buds really get going with Almond Britta & Co.

"Meet passionate people, stay in a fantastic location and discover an inspiring atmosphere."

Sounds fantastic right?

So, I think we really need to do a customer visit soon. :-)


There are days when things don't go smoothly...

This week there was one - it was quite warm: outside, inside, and also in some buckets, where the freshly baked almond Britta was longingly waiting for the addition of the chocolate drops.

Apparently too warm.
What can we say, the chocolate drops have melted and may not look quite as shaped as you are used to.

Happens. We make the best of it and start a special campaign:
In the online shop you will therefore find the Mandel Britta Chocolate Edition in 1,500 bags less a 15% discount.
The taste is the same as always - only the chocolate drops look a little "different".

It's best to convince yourself. 😉

Greetings from

Barni & Wilma