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Everything is new in May..

hey, you breakfast lover

May makes everything new - we actually took the phrase quite literally.
As reported in the last newsletter, we will be moving into our new production facility in Kleve very soon.
After a few weeks of intensive renovation, the bakery now looks like new and the last craftsmen's work will be completed shortly.

Perhaps you have already followed what is happening on social media?
If not, you can take a look at all the excerpts again on our Instagram profile in the story highlight "Aktuelles": @barniundwilma
We want to test our new oven for the first time in June together with the manufacturer Wachtel - we will definitely have to do a few more baking cycles, temperature adjustments, etc. before we can really get going.

Of course, parallel to all the renovation and relocation activities as well as organizational tasks, we try to continue to supply both our online shop and our dealers with our products reliably and as quickly as possible.
This may not currently work 100% as you are used to. However, we hope that you will forgive us for possible delays and have a little indulgence. :-)
As soon as we have completely relocated to Kleve, all the equipment is running properly and we have settled in properly in the new premises, everything will be handled as usual or even better and more professionally.

Speaking of processing - we still have a small issue to discuss with you regarding shipping. See below.

We are now at EDEKA Schroff in Kleve!

Maybe you've already seen it on Facebook or Instagram - our products have also been available from EDEKA Schroff in Kleve since last week.
There you will find not only the popular almond Britta but also all other varieties as 350g and 750g bags in our beautiful wooden display - by the way in the so-called "Müsli Alley". ;-)

To everyone in Klever: your favorite muesli is now available in bag form both in downtown Klever at YAY Living and at the EOC at Schroff. Furthermore, our products are of course also available unpackaged in the granary.

We are really happy that we can further expand the offer in Kleve. Especially given that our new production facility is also located there.


Shipping costs, a very unpleasant topic.

We know it from ourselves: when we shop online and additional postage is charged at checkout, we often find it difficult to complete the order. Shipping costs are just annoying. So we really understand you very well. However, we recently had to adjust them.

You are experiencing it yourself right now - energy costs are rising, so are fuel costs and also the product prices in your shopping cart. We are currently doing everything we can to ensure that we do not have to raise our prices.
At the same time, however, we are also affected by significantly increased electricity, raw material and packaging costs.
That's why we decided to "only" adjust the postage for the time being.

In concrete terms, this means that up to an order value of EUR 49.99, a flat rate shipping fee of EUR 4.99 applies.
If your order is over 50 EUR, we will ship your package for free!

We hope this is a fair arrangement. So if you want to stock up on your muesli supply soon, just order a little more - you're doing something for the environment at the same time, because fewer packages have to be transported from A to B and you even conserve energy resources.

If you didn't already know, we only send our packages with the shipping service provider DHL, which tends to be more expensive, but experience has shown that it is very, very reliable.
You also have the option of sending your order to a Packstation if you are not at home during the day.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your next order.

Greetings from

Barni & Wilma