Es gibt was zu feiern...

There's something to celebrate... 🤩🥳🥂

hey, you breakfast lover

As we reported in one of the last newsletters, we have been busy in our new production facility in Kleve for a few weeks...

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hey, you breakfast lover

As we reported in one of the last newsletters, we have been busy in our new production facility in Kleve for a few weeks now.

At the beginning of September we officially celebrated moving in again: together with our hard-working helpers, the family and all other supporters.

It was a wonderful little party that was very important to us. You could also say that it gave us the official starting signal again. ;-)

We are very grateful for the great support from the Mullers from Café Piccolo , who provided our guests with incredibly delicious coffee specialties.
Our neighbor Lisa Brocks from the small patisserie Fräulein Lisbeths served the matching cheesecake bites with almond Britta Granola. A real treat for the palate, just the way we like it.

In addition, the Rheinische Post visited us that day and wrote a newspaper article directly. you can him here read.

Below you will find a few impressions of our opening ceremony.

As in each of our newsletters, we would like to report on a new partner today - a concept store in nearby Wachtendonk, which will open at the end of the month and will also have our granolas on offer.

The special heart for your home

Cordially Wachtendonk Concept Store

Hello Wachtendonk! 🥳🥰

At the end of the month, a new concept store opens in nearby Wachtendonk: Cordially Wachtendonk
We love little shops like this, where you can find things that make your heart beat faster.

The owner Simone would like to create an offer in Wachtendonk that does not neglect sustainability and, as far as possible, regionality and also one that is simply special.
Each individual manufacturer has been selected by her with love. Some products are even unique and handmade.

We are very happy that there will soon be such a great new shop on the Lower Rhine. In addition, we are of course very happy that you can also find our granolas in the range there.

Cordially Wachtendonk
Wine route 13
47669 Wachtendonk


There's something to celebrate...🤩🥳🥂


Namely the official opening of our bakery in Kleve.
Two years ago, when I started roasting muesli in my basement at home, I had many things in mind - but certainly not my own bakery. Even now, it's still a bit surreal.

The last few months have certainly been very exhausting, but all the effort has definitely been worth it and we are also a little proud of what we have achieved.
In order for it to come to this, a lot of outside help was needed - both from our family, partners, friends, service providers, craftsmen and much more.

A very big THANK YOU goes especially to all our customers, i.e. to you - because without you we would never have dared to take this big step. ❤

Greetings from

Barni & Wilma