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Against food waste with Too Good To Go

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hey, you breakfast lover

We've been in our new production facility for a few weeks now and have settled in very well in Kleve.
The current ongoing heat wave could also be felt in our bakery - because we were busy roasting muesli and getting our oven up to temperature.
Our new warehouse is currently well stocked and we are confident that we will not experience any major bottlenecks in the online shop or with supplier orders "for the time being" due to the newly gained capacities.

At the same time, this means that we can further expand our dealer delivery area, which of course makes us very happy.
For example, at the beginning of August we set up one of our displays at the nearby REWE store in Averbeck in Kranenburg. More on that below.
At the same time, our granolas are now available at all EDEKA Brüggemeier markets in Kleve, 2x in Kevelaer, in Winnekendonk, in Wachtendonk, 2x in Geldern and in Kerken.
Since this week we are also represented at EDEKA Drunkemühle in Bedburg-Hau and the coffee roastery Pottschwarz in Mülheim an der Ruhr now offers our granolas both for breakfast and for sale in the in-house café.

In addition, we would like to point out a nice campaign that fights against food waste - Too Good To Go. More on that below.

REWE Averbeck, the marketplace for fresh produce in Kranenburg

REWE Averbeck Kranenburg

Hello Kranenburg!

You can now find our granolas in the REWE store in Averbeck in beautiful Kranenburg.
This market, which only opened in early 2022, lives freshness and service with modern sustainability.
This is underlined, among other things, by the "Marketplace of Freshness" located in the entrance. Just like the facade greening, which is particularly inviting. A very special shopping experience, in our opinion.

We are therefore very happy that we can be part of this great new concept and that we are also represented in our neighboring town of Kranenburg. Of course we hope that we can inspire many new customers there for our products.

REWE Averbeck
Great Hague 6
47559 Kranenburg




Too Good To Go - often good for longer

Too Good To Go - against food waste

Do you find food waste as unnecessary as we do?

With us it can happen, for example, that ingredients or products have reached the best-before date but are actually still edible.

We try to prevent this as much as possible, but it does happen, for example with seasonal products at Christmas or Easter, where we never know exactly how many of them will ultimately be sold.

And when the MHD has expired, we can of course no longer sell the items.

Other examples are damaged product packaging or the result of test production.

Eat everything yourself? It's definitely possible to a certain extent and of course we'll do it, but it's not a permanent solution. 😃

We are all the happier about taking part in the TooGoodToGo campaign (the movement against food waste) - one or the other who uses the app and lives here on the Lower Rhine may have already seen that we have recently been offering surprise bags in Kleve on a regular basis.

This includes, for example, granola, dried fruit, nuts, etc.

In some cases, the packaging may be damaged, it is a question of faulty/test productions or products that have recently expired according to the MHD. But all things are great!

You can easily keep track of our new surprise bags via the TooGoodToGo app. Collection is currently always possible on Wednesdays in the late afternoon in Kleve cattle.

So simply download the app to your mobile phone and don't miss any more offers from us!

Greetings from

Barni & Wilma