Schoko Granola mit Mandeln

Delicately melting, chocolaty... and a crunchy temptation!

hey, you breakfast lover

*The following text contains unpaid advertising*
We now have a number of partners from the region with whom we work regularly.
This also includes our favorite concept store from Kleve:
Here you will find INTERIOR, FASHION and BEAUTIFUL - and of course our granola products.
So everything we love.
The owner Rabea fulfilled a lifelong dream with her small, cute shop almost 1.5 years ago, can realize herself in her everyday work and let her creativity run free. We think that's really great and totally beautiful.
The current Corona situation is challenging for all people and industries - this includes local retail. In particular, the shops that do not offer any groceries or everyday products have a really hard time.
Therefore we would like to support Rabea.
For example, she posts photos of her product range on Instagram almost every day. If you like something, you can simply write to her via Instagram or Whatsapp (028215904260). Collection is possible on Saturdays in Kleve (Kavarinerstr. 26) between 12 noon and 2 p.m. without an appointment. You can also arrange an individual appointment with her.
Her shop window is always packed with lots of wonderful things - just drop by her, she'll be very happy about it!! #supportlocalbusiness #homeshoppen

Sneak-Peek: It's getting chocolaty...

Due to numerous Schokoholics inquiries and feedback, there will probably be an Mandel Britta Schoko Edition in April.
Instead of cranberries, it will contain fair-trade organic premium whole milk chocolate drops.
I can already reveal that the combination of salted peanuts and fine whole milk chocolate is pretty awesome...
As I write this, my mouth is watering. :-D I hope you're as happy about it as we are!

For the sake of our environment

We want to save packaging waste and that is why we will also be offering our muesli in recycling glasses in the future.
The jars previously contained coconut oil, which we use to make the muesli. Normally, the glasses end up in the glass waste bin, which is too bad.
After extensive cleaning, they now offer Mandel Britta a new home - at least temporarily. ;-) If the packaging is not that important, this glass is definitely the right choice for you. As the saying goes - it's what's on the inside that counts. :-)

And when the glass is empty, you can easily fill it up in the new unpacked shop in Kleve:
KornKammer - Of course unpackaged , Hoffmannallee 114, 47533 Kleve
There you can buy both the Mandel Britta and the Jana Banana in unpackaged form. We will report on this in more detail in one of the next newsletters.

Greetings from
Barni & Wilma