Crunchy-News: "Start-up aus Goch liefert ausgefallene Müsli-Kreationen"

Crunchy News: "Start-up from Goch delivers unusual muesli creations"

Breakfast with you - my absolute favorite meal! Reading Crunchy News: "Start-up from Goch delivers unusual muesli creations" 3 minutes Next Delicately melting, chocolaty... and a crunchy temptation!

hey, you breakfast lover

This month with a little delay - the last few weeks have been really crazy and exciting, in a positive sense. After the Rheinische Post knocked on my door and published a report about my food start-up just a week later, the phone was no longer idle and my email inbox counted with more and more orders and product inquiries, seemingly every hour. I really didn't expect that. Even after a good two weeks, the order curve continues to rise. It's unbelievable how much positive feedback I received. I'm really happy about that!!! In this way, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

You can find the full newspaper article here. (if you don't have a Rheinische Post subscription, feel free to contact me if you're interested)

About Barni & Wilma

Hey, I'm Meike, 33 years old, live in Goch and I'm behind Barni & Wilma (by the way, a purely fantasy name; the same applies to all product names)
For me, breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day and the basis for a good start in the morning.
I love cereal and could actually eat it all day long.
That's why I tried for many years to find what I liked best. A diet that is as natural as possible is important to me and I am not at all a fan of industrially processed products that are full of refined sugar. That's why I've been baking my own muesli for years.
Because of Corona, I had a lot more time last year and I just let my creativity run wild. This resulted in my first granola product - the Almond Britta.
Family and friends had previously advised me to sell my creations. Last year I gathered all my courage and just did it.
I now roast almost 40-50kg of muesli every week in my small Gocher factory and invest an average of 12 hours per week. I do all of this as a part-time job - my full-time job is as an IT consultant.
As far as the future is concerned, I definitely have big ambitions. My young start-up should continue to grow and I am already working on a new muesli creation.

Greetings from
Barni & Wilma

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