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Our granola varieties

Granola, roasted muesli - handmade on the Lower Rhine, packed with natural ingredients, vegan and free of industrial sugar.
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"People who love to eat are always the best people."

Julia Child American chef and cookbook author

Hello and welcome.

How nice that you found your way here. I'm Meike and I founded Barni & Wilma in summer 2020.

The most important meal of the day for me is definitely breakfast – I just love it!!!
This is also the main motivation why I started this project.

So if you have never tried what is perhaps the tastiest granola (by the way = roasted muesli) from the Lower Rhine, you can order it in our online shop.


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Are you looking for the right granola recipe?

It's here on our blog! We focus on natural ingredients and avoid industrial sugar as much as possible.

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