Pflaumen Crumble

Pflaumen Crumble

Ein saftiges Pflaumen Crumble ist eine köstliche Möglichkeit, den Geschmack des Winters in einem Dessert zu genießen. 
TSCHÖÖÖ, liebe Mandel Britta Schoko!!!

BYE, dear Almond Britta Chocolate!!!

hey, you breakfast lover Do you enjoy the sun as much as we do? We could actually jump around beaming all day long. Spring is in the air and gives us an incredible boost of energy. We would like...
Gast-Beitrag einer Profifußballerin

Guest post from a professional soccer player

How you can achieve top performance as a professional soccer player despite lactose and gluten intolerance The 21-year-old winger Michelle Weiß from Bundesliga club SV Werder Bremen reveals what...
Jana Banana & Hafer Hans im Hofladen Roosen

Jana Banana & Hafer Hans in the Roosen farm shop

hey, you breakfast lover Spring is finally here - at least in theory. Let's see how long the sun hides. In this way, kind regards and the subtle hint that we would really be happy to see you soo...
Kokos Granola mit Buchweizen

May we introduce? Frida Coco

hey, you breakfast lover Just a few more weeks until spring is finally here. Are you already looking forward to milder temperatures, sunshine and birdsong? We really can't wait. March also bring...
Winter Granola mit Zimt

New year, new ideas

hey, you breakfast lover January is almost over and that's actually a good thing. As we all know, we can argue about the weather - of course rain is good for our nature, but slowly but surely brig...
Meike & Lena

2022 - that's it

hey, you breakfast lover And boom, Christmas is over and the new year is just around the corner. Isn't it crazy how fast time flies? Before we make concrete plans for 2023, let's review the year...

NEWS! We cooperate with “LOWER RHEINISCH”

hey, you breakfast lover Winter is somehow already here and with it cold, clear air, the smell of Christmas baking, Christmas treats as far as the eye can see and of course a multitude of beautifu...
van Nahmen Granola

We are at the Krefeld Christmas market.

hey, you breakfast lover Do you enjoy autumn as much as we do? The great colors in the forest, the clear air and the leaves that are slowly but surely moving towards the ground. The current weathe...