Jana Banana & Hafer Hans im Hofladen Roosen

Jana Banana & Hafer Hans in the Roosen farm shop

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hey, you breakfast lover

Spring is finally here - at least in theory. Let's see how long the sun hides. In this way, kind regards and the subtle hint that we would really be happy to see you soon.

Until then, we'll use the time inside and reflect on the last month, which was really packed with exciting events, to reflect on all the events and impressions. After tastings in four EDEKA Endt markets in Mönchengladbach and in REWE Köster in Essen, we were exhibitors at the trade fair for the first time. At VeggieWorld in Düsseldorf - the trade fair for the vegan lifestyle. A total of 7,500 visitors crossed the halls of the Böhler site last weekend and it felt like half of them were at our stand to try out all the vegan granola varieties. ;-)

The crowd was really incredible and we met a lot of nice and warm people who gave us great feedback. Thanks for that!

We are slowly recovering from all the impressions and are already concentrating on the next dates, which of course we don't want to withhold from you:

01.04. Muesli tasting
EDEKA Endt Rheydt, Mönchengladbach
EDEKA Endt Hofstraße, Mönchengladbach

April 21st Muesli tasting
Farm shop van Nahmen, Hamminkeln

05.05. Muesli tasting
Auguste Luise - the pleasure friend, Neukirchen-Vluyn

07.05. market
Mini design market, Cologne-Rodenkirchen

In addition to the offline presence in the form of tastings and market/trade exhibitions, we also want to further develop our online shop. We therefore need your help and would be very happy if you would take 2 minutes to complete a short survey! You can find more information about this below - and a small thank you is also waiting for you.

We will also introduce you to one of our new partners in the current issue. This time the journey takes us to Brüggen in the Lower Rhine - to the Landhof Roosen.

And our recipe of the month is a baked oats recipe with Oat Hans Granola topping. You should definitely try this!

Jana Banana & Hafer Hans in the Roosen farm shop

Hello Brüggen,

If you follow our news, you may know that we are already able to supply our products to 2 great shops in Brüggen, Lower Rhine.
On the one hand the Genholter Hof and on the other hand the NO.29 concept store.

Now a third one is being added - the Landhof Roosen, a fruit and vegetable farm shop with fresh and regional products.

The range includes homemade pasta, apples from our own plantation, eggs from our own chicken villa (which, by the way, is guarded by alpacas, wonderful 😂), as well as home-made chicken soup, specially grown pumpkins and much more.

Our granolas have recently been added to the mix - you can currently get Oat Hans and Jana Banana in the Roosen family farm shop.

The two varieties were not yet available in Brüggen.

We are really happy that we can expand the beautiful range, which consists of so many great homemade and locally grown products, to include our roasted mueslis.

Please take a look!

Boerholz 44
41379 Bruges

Crispy greetings from
Barni & Wilma

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