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Production mishap and unpackaged news

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Something really stupid happened yesterday...
It was production day again and when using a new machine, some components of the Mandel Britta were, well, how should you put it, unfortunately chopped way too small. Unfortunately, the way the end result turned out, it cannot be sold as usual. We have very high demands on our products and of course always want to conjure up the best possible quality on the breakfast table for our dear customers.
For this reason, we have thought of a small discount campaign and are selling the slightly "failed" batch in 1,500g bags with a whopping 40% discount. Instead of EUR 24.99, the large bag can be purchased for only EUR 14.99.
We hope that as many customers as possible take advantage of this offer so that all the work is not in vain. Even if the product doesn't look as nice as usual, there's still a lot of love and effort put into it.

Mandel Britta and Jana Banana *unpackaged* in Kleve

*The following text contains unpaid advertising*
Last month we introduced one of our local partners:
YAY Living , our favorite concept store from Kleve.

Today things continue lively and we stay directly in the swan city.
Only recently a so-called unpackaged shop opened there - the KornKammer on Hoffmannalle 114.
There you can get around 500 different items - a large part of the range is even organic.
The principle is very simple - you bring your own container, fill it with the product you want and pay. That's it - no rocket science. In case you forget your container, there are even alternatives there, such as swing-glasses, paper bags, etc. to buy. The range includes grains, rice, nuts, legumes, spices, coffee, tea AND of course MUESLI. :-)
There are also lots of other great things, such as bread, rolls, seasonal fruit and vegetables, homemade cakes - some also vegan.
And what we think is particularly great is the fact that many products are sourced locally. For example, there is coffee from Joto&Coco, our favorite coffee roaster from Kleve, baked goods from Voss, also from Kleve, dairy products from Hamminkeln and what we are particularly proud of: our Granolas Almond Britta and Jana Banana in unpackaged form.
Incidentally, Denise and Mike Raadts from Kleve are behind the KornKammer, who have fulfilled a project close to their hearts with their unpackaged shop. The aim is to bring packaging-free shopping to Kleve, to involve regional producers and to offer organic, sensible and seasonal products at a fair price.

You should definitely visit the store - in addition to the great range of products, it is incredibly beautiful and tastefully decorated.
We are really happy that our granolas are offered there.
This means we can make a small contribution to packaging-free shopping. That's really really nice!
#supportlocalbusiness #homeshopping #unpackaged

Kornkammer Kleve
Hoffmannallee 114, 47533 Kleve

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