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Where can I buy your products?

You can primarily order all products from our online shop. We are also trying to place our granolas more in brick-and-mortar stores. You can find a list of all partners and their contact details here.

What payment methods are there?

If you place an order via the online shop, you can either pay by ApplePay, GooglePay, Klarna, bank transfer, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card. After receipt of payment, your goods will be sent or made available.

Can I also pick up my order in Kleve?

That's fine. Simply select “Pick up in Kleve” as the shipping method in the online shop. You will then receive an email with the pick-up information.

Can I also pay in cash upon collection?

Cash payments are not possible. You are welcome to transfer your invoice or pay via PayPal.

How much are the shipping costs?

The link to the currently valid shipping costs and conditions can be found here .

Can I come in with my own can and have granola filled?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this for hygienic and organizational reasons. In the meantime, however, we offer our recycling glasses, which you can fill up in, for example, the KornKammer unpacked shop in Kleve or the Xantener unpacked shop.

Are there custom granola blends?

Unfortunately we cannot offer individual mixtures.

Where do the names actually come from?

Pure fantasy names. 🙂


cool and dark


Unopened and taking into account the optimal storage conditions (cool and dark) at least 8-10 months

How is a granola made?

We make our granolas by hand. To do this, dry raw materials such as oat flakes, kernels, nuts and spices are mixed and gently roasted in the oven together with oil and a sweetener.

What is the difference between granola and muesli?

Granola is toasted muesli.


That is of course a matter of taste. We like granola best with yoghurt or quark and fruit, on overnight oats, porridge, smoothie bowls or pancakes, waffles. You can find lots of great recipes on our blog .

Why are your products more expensive than the mueslis you get in the supermarket?

We would like to explain the price: Making granola by hand takes a lot of effort. Furthermore, we use high-quality and special ingredients, which are correspondingly expensive. The most costly ingredients (but also some of the highest) are coconut oil, maple syrup, and nuts, which is why you're likely to find these in very few industrially manufactured products. And if it does, then in very small doses. Almond Britta, for example, contains 10% almonds, which is a lot. And then there are the high energy costs - and since granola is roasted in the oven, this naturally also has an impact on the product costs. A little tip: by subscribing to our newsletter, which is sent out once a month, you have the opportunity to receive discount codes on a regular basis.

Are the ingredients in the granolas organic?

Yes, most of our raw materials are organic. However, we are not a certified organic company.

Is there no sugar at all in the granolas?

Yes, we mostly work with maple syrup as a sweetener. This is also sugar, but not refined or industrially processed. This means that there are still plenty of nutrients here!

Allergens and cross contamination

All allergen information can be found either on the packaging or in the online shop on the respective product page. For example, the Jana Banana is gluten-free, but can still contain traces of gluten, since our ingredients come from companies that also process raw materials containing gluten. The same applies, for example, to peanuts – the Jana Banana does not contain any peanuts, but the Mandel Britta does. Since we process both types in the same room and with the same equipment, there may well be traces here.

I am a retailer and would like to offer your products, is that possible?

Yes, of course! If you are a retailer and would like to sell our products, please send us an inquiry to

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