Größere Verpackungen und Kevelaerer Landmomente

10% discount on Jana, larger packaging and Kevelaer country moments

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hey, you breakfast lover

It's unbelievable that the first half of the year is already over. Is it just us, or is time racing even faster than before? In any case, it would be nice if summer were to visit us again.
We definitely used the non-summer days and let a few new products move into our shop.
After numerous inquiries for larger packaging units, we want to offer all granola varieties in 1,500g bags in the future.
The Mandel Britta is already available in the new size. The Mandel Britta Schoko Edition, the Jana Banana and of course the Hafer Hans have also been added.

Kevelaerer country moments - the court manufacture with taste

*The following text contains unpaid advertising*
In July we reported on Landhaus Beckmann from Kalkar. This time we continue in a south-westerly direction to Kevelaer - namely to the Büchelshof.

There you can find the Kevelaerer Landmomente. A court manufacturer from the Lower Rhine.
"... We want to give people from Kevelaer and the surrounding area the opportunity to experience LandMOMENTE and to (re)discover the real taste of regionally produced products, such as milk, eggs, potatoes, .... In addition, there are always delicious and creative things from the Hofmanufaktur. It's great what our farmers and rural women do and produce, so all products and information come directly and directly to us in a transparent, regional and fair way or directly FROM us at the Büchelshof. Our mobile Hofmanufaktur is always in the Binnenheide, directly in front of the Büchelshof. We look forward to welcoming you."
Source: Kevelaerer Landmomente

The mobile Hofmanufaktur is really a great idea - we have been there several times and have personally convinced ourselves of it. The Kevelaerer Landeis in particular is amazing.
We are all the more pleased that some of our products are represented there - by the way, they taste fantastic in combination with the country ice cream. If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed.

Kevelaer country moments
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