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Himberta and Erd Bernd are online...

hey, you breakfast lover

Zack, September. It feels like the speculoos in the supermarket will soon be laughing at you again!!
We're definitely not ready for falling leaves, autumn, Christmas thoughts.
That's why we've now set out to face summer this year after all. We're on vacation right now. More on that later...

First we want to inform you about our new products.
We asked ourselves what we could offer in our shop that could be wonderfully combined with our granolas. The choice fell relatively quickly on dried fruit. We love raspberries and strawberries - who else feels the same way? The cool thing about dried fruit is that you can enjoy it all year round and it also has an extremely long shelf life. They can be combined very well with our granolas. Definitely recommended.
You can therefore now exclusively welcome our new products Himberta and Erd Bernd in the online shop.

Straelend unpackaged - plastic-free and sustainable shopping.

*The following text contains unpaid advertising*
In August we introduced you to theKevelaerer Landmomente . Today we want to report from the Unpacked shop in Straelen: Straelend Unpacked

“We want to create a place where you don't have to worry about packaging anymore. We welcome everyone who wants to save on packaging, not buy in too large quantities or try out sustainable products. "
Source: Melanie Dornis

With her unpacked concept, the owner Melanie Dornis offers a possibility to shop plastic-free and sustainably. She basically wants more sustainability and less waste, as well as more conscious shopping and giving something back to nature.

In addition, she has been offering numerous products in unpackaged form in her shop in downtown Straelen since 2019. Cereals, nuts, seeds, flour, coffee beans, rice, pasta, legumes, sweets, spices and much more. Also hygiene and household items, cleaning products, books, gift items and containers/bags. A complete product list is available here .

You can also find two of our granola varieties there: Almond Britta and Hafer Hans

We are pleased that we are also represented there with our products. The unpackaged concept is really a great idea and we are proud that we can promote/support plastic-free, sustainable shopping in this way.

Beaming unpackaged
Melanie Dornis
De-Cabanes-Str. 4
47638 Straelen

We're on vacation

If you are reading this newsletter, we are on vacation. The last year was really quite exciting and also challenging. That's why we treat ourselves to a summer break by the sea and will definitely come back full of energy and with lots of new ideas.
Of course you don't have to do without our products during this time! There are only a few restrictions:

  • Pick-ups in Goch are not possible
  • the packages may not get to you as quickly as usual
  • there are no breakfast boxes

As a small compensation, you will receive a 10% discount on orders in the online shop with the code below until September 24th, 2021.

Alternatively, you can of course also buy fresh goods from our numerous retailers .

Greetings from
Barni & Wilma