Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays - 10% discount

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hey, you breakfast lover

Where has 2021 gone? Do you also have the feeling that this year went by particularly quickly?
Christmas is in 6 days. All of a sudden... It felt like summer just now? At least on paper.
It is certainly also due to the fact that so much has happened here.
The next few days will definitely require a bit of energy and from Christmas onwards it will be time to take a deep breath. We allow ourselves a little break between the years - to relax, reflect, enjoy and maybe also plan for 2022.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the loyal muesli lovers - without you, the past year would not have been so successful.
THANK YOU for your great appreciation in the form of your purchases, whether online or in retail, product reviews or feedback via email, telephone, Whatsapp, social media and in person!!!! It's so nice to see how well our products are received by you.

YUHUUUU, our team has expanded!

Barni & Wilma Lena

Hey, I'm Lena and I've been part of Barni & Wilma since this year.
My relationship to food and good products is not only my personal focus, but also in my main job as a pastry chef.

I am currently responsible for roasting the granola varieties Almond Britta and Oat Hans at Barni & Wilma.
I most often make the base for Almond Britta. I mix the pre-mixed dry ingredients with coconut oil and maple syrup and roast everything together in the oven! After it has cooled, I carefully break the granola by hand and bottle it again so that everything is ready for the next step - refining.

It always gives me great joy when the delicious smell of roasting wafts through the entire bakery and many people come by to snack!
I love making great products and, above all, seeing the smiles on people's faces - because good food makes you happy!

My #granolalove, as I like to call it, actually only came about with Barni & Wilma. I had no connection to it before and now I just can't imagine being without it.
I can even eat the granolas several times a day - they are not only delicious for breakfast, but are also great as a snack in front of the TV.

I'm really happy and grateful that I can be part of the team today!

Did you know that quinoa grows in Germany?

*The following text contains unpaid advertising*
Last month we introduced the Gocher EDEKA market Kusenberg . Today we're heading south from Goch to the beautiful Rhineland to the Feldhelden .

This is a partner who regularly supplies us with quinoa for our Hafer Hans granola variety.

Did you know that quinoa grows in Germany?
You heard that right – in the Rhineland, to be precise.

That's why the field heroes (Johannes, Thomas and Verena) decided to write their product with K = quinoa from Cologne.
True to the motto:
"I never come to South America, I come to the city with K."

In South America, quinoa has been a valuable staple food for around 600 years. Thanks to high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, it can have a positive effect on the body, mind and soul. Quinoa is usually used for cooking or baking and is also gluten-free.

When growing, the field heroes pay attention to avoiding pesticides, sustainable soil management and supporting local biodiversity with flower strips.
These reasons make the product a sustainably produced food with an excellent CO2 balance.

We use Kinoa from the Rhineland in the oat Hans Granola and are pleased about the great partnership and the short transport routes.

By the way, the beautiful photos are all by Stephan Strache from Lost in a Moment.

Feldhelden Rheinland UG (limited liability)
Great Kreuzhof
50259 Pulheim – Stommeln

Crispy greetings & a wonderful, contemplative Christmas time
Barni & Wilma

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