2022 kommt ins Rollen

2022 is rolling

hey, you breakfast lover

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Two weeks into the new year have already passed and 2022 is slowly getting rolling. We are currently enjoying the somewhat quieter phase after the last few months, which were very exciting, and are using the time to complete a major order. You'll probably find out exactly what kind of project this is in March. We can tell you one thing - it's definitely really exciting and we can still learn a lot. We also have quite a lot planned or planned for this year - this includes a spatial change and thus an increase in our capacities, the introduction of new products and the implementation of many great seasonal promotions. We also want to take part in one or two trade fairs and generally become more present when it comes to tastings (if this is possible under Corona conditions). We also want to make the online shopping experience even more professional - there is an important announcement on this topic below...

Have you ever heard of breakfast spices?

*The following text contains unpaid advertising*
Last month we introduced our Kinoa supplier from the beautiful Rhineland - the Feldhelden .

Today we want mykraut from the Cologne spice manufacturer (originating in Bocholt). report that supplies us with great, exquisite breakfast spices in stylish test tubes. The products are natural and 100% plastic-free. You will find a small selection of two varieties in our online shop - Berry & Choco Oatmeal Spice.

You can currently get the Berry Oatmeal Spice at a special price because the best before date expires at the end of February.
We believe that you should always rely on your senses when it comes to products like these.
By the way, there is even a separate campaign for this “often good for longer” – which mykraut also advertises with.

Before a product ends up in the bin, you should do it in advance
1. Look – does my product still look good?
2. Smell – does my product still smell good?
3. Try it – does my product still taste good?

After all, a best before date says “best before”. This does not mean that a food is automatically unedible after the best before date has been exceeded. If stored correctly, a product can be edible even beyond its date.

So, always use your senses and, in the best case scenario, enjoy the food even after the best-before date has been exceeded.

In addition to the breakfast spices mentioned, there are also many other great varieties, such as a bread topping, avocado spice, salted caramel spice or salad topping.
Feel free to see for yourself - mykraut is represented both online and offline, for example in the Bocholt mykraut pop-up store.

mykraut GmbH
Rheinische Allee 3a
50858 Cologne

YEAH, our new online shop is going online!

Our new online shop will go live next weekend, January 22nd & 23rd, 2022. We hope that this will allow us to significantly improve the online shopping experience and make it more user-friendly. Of course, not everything will be perfect and work 100% right from the start, but anything else wouldn't be very challenging. We are definitely happy about numerous visitors and also welcome feedback. If you have your own customer account with us, you will receive an email asking you to activate your customer account.
So please don't be surprised if you receive an email about this topic shortly.

Best regards
Barni & Wilma

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