Winter Granola mit Zimt

New year, new ideas

hey, you breakfast lover

January is almost over and that's actually a good thing.

As we all know, we can argue about the weather - of course rain is good for our nature, but slowly but surely brighter days with a few rays of sunshine could come again.

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hey, you breakfast lover

January is almost over again and that's actually a good thing.

As is well known, the weather can be debated - of course rain is good for our nature, but brighter days with a few rays of sunshine could slowly come.

Thank God we've already done most of it, because spring is already eagerly waiting to put out its feelers. We definitely can't wait. 😀

The positive thing about the winter time is that you can relax on the couch with a wool blanket and a hot water bottle - with a laptop on your lap, for example to write the monthly newsletter in a new attire.

After we had a gentle start to the new year, planning activities were primarily on the daily list, in addition to building up cereal stocks. The result: 2023 will definitely be extremely exciting again and there are lots of great events waiting for us.

Some dates have already been set:

04.02. Muesli tasting REWE Averbeck, Kranenburg
18.-19.03. Veggie World Fair, Düsseldorf
07.05. Mini design market, Cologne
01.06. After-work market, Goch
14.-15.10. Food & Drink, Stuttgart

We have many more markets and trade fairs on the agenda, which we will publish in good time once they have been fixed. We also want to hold monthly muesli tastings at our existing retailers this year. If you have specific requests, please feel free to write to us.

We can also reveal that there will be a new type of granola in March. You can look forward to a vegan, gluten- and nut-free version that is incredibly crunchy.

In addition, the Mandel Britta chocolate edition will say goodbye to the summer break at the end of April.

We already had some challenges when it came to chocolate last year due to the high temperatures - especially when it came to shipping. Since the quality of our products is very important to us, we have decided to only sell the chocolate edition from October to April. But don't worry, we'll find a fruity replacement. And of course you can still have a decent supply in stock. Our granolas last for at least 10 months.

In addition to all the plans for 2023, we would also like to introduce you to one of our new partners in the current issue. Today we're not going that far away - at least from where we are - namely to Kalkar-Grieth to the Raadts Edelobst farm shop.

And our recipe of the month is a delicious curd cup with Almond Britta Granola. You should definitely try this!

Mandel Britta & Co. in the Raadts Edelobst farm shop in Kalkar-Grieth

Hello Grieth,

You have been finding our granolas in Annette Raadt's beautiful farm shop in Kalkar-Grieth, not far away, for a few weeks now.

You probably don't have to look long, as our products can be presented in a wooden display. We are once again really happy about this development and are pleased that we can now regularly supply the Griether residents with our crispy treats.

Griether Str. 189

47546 Kalkar

End of February is over...

Our seasonal granola, the Mandel Britta Winter Edition, has been available since November. The name suggests it - you can only buy the popular variety until the end of February, before it says goodbye to the spring-summer-autumn break.

Winter granola with apple

Since we only have a limited number left in stock, it's worth snapping up quickly.

Crispy greetings from
Barni & Wilma

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