NEWS! We cooperate "LOWER RHINE" 🙌

hey, you breakfast lover

Winter is somehow already here and with it cold, clear air, the smell of Christmas baking, Christmas treats as far as the eye can see and of course a multitude of beautiful Christmas markets.

We are at the Krefeld Christmas market. 🎅 Reading NEWS! We cooperate "LOWER RHINE" 🙌 5 minutes Next 2022-that's it 🎆

hey, you breakfast lover

Winter is somehow already here and with it cold, clear air, the smell of Christmas baking, Christmas treats everywhere and of course a multitude of beautiful Christmas markets.
And we - right in the middle. :-)
In December you can visit us both in Krefeld and in Mönchengladbach:
  • 11/28 - 04.12. Christmas market MIKS, Krefeld
  • 17.12. - 18.12. Greta & Claus - market of beautiful things, Mönchengladbach
There is also great news again, because we have just started a cooperation with a blogger from the Lower Rhine region, which has resulted in something really great. More on that below...

And as in every one of our newsletters, we would like to report on a new partner again today - this time we're going to Bocholt, to HUCKLEBERRY's, a trendy café in the Münsterland. Our granolas have recently ended up in the breakfast bowls there.

We also recommend our recipe of the month, a Christmas chocolate-cinnamon porridge with almond Britta Granola.

We cooperate "Lower Rhine"

Lower Rhine Miss

There is great news, because we are starting our first cooperation - with the Niederrhein Fräulein .

Behind it is Nicole, a journalist and a true native of the Lower Rhine region, who regularly reports about our beautiful homeland, the Lower Rhine, in her blog posts with the support of Niederrhein Tourismus .

Nicole is a big muesli fan and is always on the lookout for unusual and preferably regional creations. That's how she became aware of us and in no time at all we exchanged our ideas and just got started.

So we used Nicole's personal favorite variety "Almond Britta" as a basis, which is also your most popular variety. Guess which ingredient unfortunately had to go? Right! cranberries Nicole doesn't like them at all and has always had a hard time picking them out. 😅
Since there are more and more people who have a peanut allergy, we decided to part with the ingredient for this creation. Since Nicole is a big fan of roasted and salted cashew nuts, this special ingredient was quickly decided. Now only something fruity was missing - after a short consideration we agreed on dried pomegranate seeds.

Niederrhein Fraulein and Barni & Wilma

At the beginning of December the time has come - then a new granola will be released, which we developed together.
Of course we are all very excited and excited to see how it will go down!!! 🤩 🥳

You have from 1.-4.12. the opportunity to taste it at the Krefeld Christmas market and of course also to buy the new variety in the form of a 350g bag.
It will of course also be available in the online shop and from many partners in the Lower Rhine region.

You can find the related blog post with the full story here .
There, Nicole will also regularly update the list of dealers where you can buy the new variety.

We are totally grateful for this great opportunity and look forward to everything that will result from the cooperation.

Almond Britta Granola Niederrhein Miss Edition

Our new partner: the HUCKLEBERRY's in Bocholt

Hello Bocholt! 🥳🥰

We have recently been able to deliver our granolas to the trendy café HUCKLEBERRY's in the beautiful Münsterland region. We are really happy about it, especially because we are big fans of the great place ourselves, where you can have an incredibly good and varied breakfast.

In addition to four different granola bowls, in which you can find our products, there is also the option of buying the 350g bags directly in the store.

And not only the breakfast is recommended - there are also many other delicacies to discover at HUCKLEBERRY's. A visit is definitely worth it!

Café Bocholt Huckleberry's vegan


Gasthausplatz 3
46397 Bocholt


Come visit us at the Krefeld Christmas market MIKS!

Christmas Market Krefeld MIKS Granola Muesli

We already reported in October that we will be represented at the Christmas market in Krefeld this year.
Since it starts tomorrow, we want to kindly remind you again, because we would be very happy about your visit.

Our "moving boxes" are already packed - at least it feels like half a move. It's easy to underestimate how much decoration fits into such a small Christmas hut. This also means that the walls at home are relatively bare. But that's ok for a week. ;-)
In addition, of course, there are numerous boxes with goods.

Because we will have all our varieties with us (primarily in the practical gift size of 350g) - currently there are 5 including our popular winter edition. And as you could already read above, from 1.12. another new variety that arose from the cooperation with the blogger Nicole, the Niederrhein-Fräulein. We will of course also have these with us in our luggage.
You will also have the opportunity to taste all our granolas on site.

Starting tomorrow, i.e. from 28.11. up to and including 04.12. you will then find us between design, art and regionality at the foot of the Dionysiuskirche in Krefeld, not far away.

Further information can be found here on the Stadtmarketing Krefeld website.

We look forward to you!

Greetings from

Barni & Wilma