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Farm shop news: Mandel Britta & Co in Weeze

Farm shop news: Mandel Britta & Co in Weeze

hey, you breakfast lover

February is almost over and the weather doesn't really remind you of winter. At least here with us on the Lower Rhine. The storm lows Zeynep and Ylenia have been raging properly in NRW for the last few days - thank God everything has remained intact for us. Hopefully you too?
We really wouldn't mind if the sun could finally be seen again. The weather sucks!!!

But enough whining - of course we want to report again today on what is currently happening with us, which dealer we have been supplying to since this month and which product has recently moved into the shop.
Speaking of which, our new online shop went live at the end of January - I'm sure you've already gained some experience with it?
Feel free to give us feedback on how you like it and of course what we can improve.

Chocolate for breakfast? always works!

Last month we already reported on mykraut, the Cologne-based spice manufacturer (originating in Bocholt), which supplies us with great, exquisite breakfast spices in stylish test tubes.

In addition to the Berry Oatmeal Spice, we have another variety in our online shop - Choco Oatmeal Spice , a chocolaty spice for muesli, porridge, overnight oats and much more.
You can ideally enjoy the almond-chocolate spice with banana powder together with your oatmeal.

It is a sweet spice mixture that provides a cocoa note and turns your oatmeal into a real chocolate bowl. Contains almonds, banana, cocoa, cinnamon and coconut. A very tasty affair with fresh fruit.

Incidentally, the products from mykraut are natural and 100% plastic-free.

Farm shop news: Mandel Britta & Co in Weeze

Photo source: Kevelaerer Blatt

Just this week, a new farm shop opened in Weeze - the Heeser Spargelhof.

In addition to farm products such as asparagus, the best meat from our own pigs, homemade delicacies such as soups, goulash and shashlik, you will also find three of our granola varieties here: Mandel Britta, Hafer Hans and Jana Banana.
The aspect of regionality is definitely in the foreground here.

Incidentally, at the Heeser Hof you will also find a vending machine where some of the products are offered. Furthermore, there is the possibility to rent holiday apartments - perhaps for all non-Lower Rhine residents who would like to spend their holidays here. By the way, highly recommended. ;-)

We are pleased that our products are represented in the new Weezer farm shop and we definitely want to stop by there in person soon. You will definitely be able to follow all our impressions via social media.

Contact: Heeser Spargelhof, Hees 18, 47652 Weeze

Photo source: Kevelaerer Blatt

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