Soufflé Pancakes mit Granola

Soufflé Pancakes with Jana Banana Granola

Seht ihr bei Instagram & Co. auch ständig diese dicken, leckeren Pancakes? Ich war ganz hin und weg und musste erst mal recherchieren, wie der Fachbegriff lautet. 😁

Soufflé Pancakes with Jana Banana Granola

Do you keep seeing these thick, delicious pancakes on Instagram & Co.? I was completely blown away and first had to research what the technical term was. 😁
Below you will find the right recipe - of course a granola topping should not be missing...

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Servings: 2


80g flour
4 egg whites
3 egg yolks
40ml maple syrup
50ml milk
1 teaspoon Baking powder
As a topping:
60g blueberries
120g yoghurt
30g Jana Banana Granola
Some maple syrup


Mix all the ingredients for the pancakes except for the egg white in a mixer. Now beat the egg whites until stiff and carefully fold into the pancake mixture. Melt some butter in a pan over medium heat and add the pancake biscuits. Put a lid on the pan and let the pancakes cook for a while. Now put a second spoonful of the batter on each pancake, drizzle a few drops of water into the pan and close the pan again. When the dough starts to harden on top, the pancakes can be turned carefully and baked to the end. Serve with the yogurt, granola and maple syrup.

Bon Appetite!