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Buckwheat, the gluten-free pseudocereal

Buckwheat, the gluten-free pseudocereal

Did you know that buckwheat is not a grain?

Which, by the way, means that it is gluten-free and also contains no wheat lectins.

Buckwheat is a pseudocereal

Incidentally, it has absolutely nothing to do with grain, but tastes like it and is probably why it is often called pseudo grain (similar to quinoa, amaranth and chia).

The usual types of grain belong to the sweet grasses, whereas buckwheat is a knotweed plant.


The cool thing about buckwheat is that it contains more high-quality nutrients and vital substances than the usual types of grain.

It also seems to be very good for diabetics and people with blood sugar problems as it has ingredients that regulate blood sugar levels.

Additional advantages:

  • protects the liver
  • can increase brain activity
  • regulates cholesterol levels
  • helps against varicose veins
  • lowers blood pressure
  • is suitable for people suffering from celiac disease and gluten intolerance

new trend

Here in Germany, buckwheat is becoming more and more popular. Whereas in the Far East and especially in China, the pseudo-grain has been valued as a nutritious food for several thousand years.

For the most part, it is therefore mostly imported from China. Buckwheat is now also being grown in Germany, for example in the Lüneburg Heath. It requires certain conditions, such as a warm, humid climate and sandy soil.

Buckwheat Granola

We are currently using buckwheat in our gluten-free granola variety Jana Banana. Along with many other delicious ingredients, it is gently roasted in the oven with maple syrup and coconut oil.

The baking process makes it particularly crispy.

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