Haferflocken - alles andere als langweilig

Oatmeal - anything but boring

Oatmeal, the basis for most of our granola .

Both in the Mandel Britta as well as in Hafer Hans we use them.

Rolled oats, a low-gluten whole grain product that can be divided into 3 different types.

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3 reasons to have breakfast with oatmeal

Rolled oats, the basis for most of our granolas .

We use them in both the Mandel Britta and the Hafer Hans.

3 varieties

Oatmeal, a low-gluten whole grain product that can be divided into 3 different types:

- Large leaf flakes

- Small-leaf flakes

- melting flakes

We only use large leaf flakes for our granolas , as we believe this variety is best processed for this purpose.

We would rather use the small leaf flakes for porridge and overnight oats and melted flakes for smoothies.

3 reasons that speak for oatmeal

Why you should definitely eat oatmeal for breakfast?

1. Oatmeal generally has a good nutritional balance

2. They contain extra fiber, minerals (such as iron and magnesium) and vitamins

3. They contain a good portion of protein and little fat

Another advantage of oatmeal is that it keeps you full for a long time due to its high fiber content and lowers blood sugar levels thanks to the beta-glucan it contains. They can also help with gastrointestinal problems.

More cooking ideas

They can be used in muesli, porridge , overnight oats , smoothies , cakes , bread , etc. Have a look at our blog - we have provided many suitable recipes there.

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