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Cinnamon - the subtle difference

Cinnamon - the subtle difference

Cinnamon is not just cinnamon

... and by the way, shouldn't just be reduced to Christmas dishes.

In our granolas we only use high-quality Ceylon cinnamon from 100% organic farming.

Ceylon cinnamon, finely ground, with a mild, pleasantly sweet cinnamon aroma.

How is cinnamon, one of the oldest spices in the world, actually made, you wonder?

To obtain cinnamon powder, cinnamon sticks are ground - this is the rolled bark of cinnamon trees, which incidentally belong to the laurel family.

The small difference

In addition to the Ceylon variety, there is also cassis. The difference lies in the origin. While cassis cinnamon comes primarily from China, Ceylon cinnamon grows mostly in Sri Lanka.
In addition, the cassis cinnamon sticks are thicker and coarser, darker in color and smell more intense.
Furthermore, Ceylon cinnamon contains only small amounts of coumarin, in contrast to cassis cinnamon. Coumarin is a natural flavoring that can cause liver problems in large amounts. From the point of view of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), however, the coumarin levels in Celyon cinnamon are harmless to health. ✌️

Benefits of Cinnamon

In addition to the delicious taste, cinnamon also has a number of other advantages:
- can soothe the stomach thanks to its essential oils of cinnamaldehyde and eugene oil
- supports digestion and makes heavy food easier to digest
- can have a relaxing effect
- has a balancing effect on blood sugar levels

You can not only use the ground cinnamon to refine your breakfast dishes, such as porridge, overnight oats, muesli, smoothies & Co., but also in savory dishes, such as soups and stews. Definitely leads to a slightly oriental, interesting note.

One thing is certain - we love cinnamon and use it in all of our granola products.

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