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Quinoa from the Rhineland

Quinoa from the Rhineland

Quinoa grows in Germany

Did you know that??
That's right - in the beautiful Rhineland, to be precise.

That is why the field heroes (Johannes, Thomas and Verena) decided to write their product with K = quinoa from Cologne.

Field Heroes Rhineland

True to the motto:

"I'm not from South America, I'm from the city with K."

Quinoa has been a valuable staple food in South America for around 600 years.

Benefits of Quinoa

Thanks to high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, it can have a positive effect on body, mind and soul. Quinoa is typically used in cooking or baking and is also gluten-free.

When cultivating, the field heroes ensure that no pesticides are used, sustainable soil management and support of local biodiversity with flowering strips.
These reasons make the product a sustainably produced food with an excellent CO2 balance.

What we do with quinoa

Incidentally, we use the Rhineland Kinoa in Hafer Hans Granola and are happy about the great partnership and the short transport routes.

The beautiful photos are all by Stephan Strache.

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