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maple syrup

maple syrup

Maple syrup, the liquid gold

Did you know that maple syrup is also known as liquid gold? We can imagine why that is... 😉 More on that later...

What exactly is maple syrup?

It is a vegan and natural sweetener.

Maple syrup is made from sugar maple trees that grow primarily in Canada. 80% of the world maple syrup comes from there.

For this purpose, the trees, which grow up to 40m high, are tapped with hoses in February due to the prevailing temperatures in order to suck off approx. 60-70l of the maple sap.

That's only 10% of the amount available so as not to damage the tree. The juice obtained is then filtered and heated, which creates the actual maple syrup.

Maple Syrup - Grade A, B, or C

Depending on the harvest phase, a distinction is made between different quality grades from A to C, with those known in Canada differing from those known in Europe. In Germany, grades A and C are usually available in stores. Grade A is obtained in the first two weeks of harvest, has a mildly sweet aroma and is amber in appearance. Grade C is much darker, almost reddish brown, is harvested later and has a stronger flavor.

What to do with maple syrup

Maple syrup is perfect for muesli, pancakes, yoghurt, waffles and much more.

Because of its naturalness, high nutritional content, incredibly delicious taste and baking stability, we use it to sweeten all of our granolas.
It is quite expensive and difficult to obtain compared to other sweeteners such as agave nectar. But we haven't let that deter us so far. 😊

Wondering how healthy maple syrup is?

Due to its nutrient content, maple syrup is definitely the healthier alternative compared to industrial sugar. It contains fewer calories than table sugar and also contains no additives, colors or preservatives. Nevertheless, it should be used sparingly.

Check out our delicious, natural granolas in the shop . All are roasted with the best Canadian maple syrup.

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