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The hazelnut

The hazelnut

do you like hazelnuts

And did you know that hazelnuts grow on hazel bushes and belong to the birch family? 🤓
The shrub is mainly found in Europe and Asia Minor.


Three more hazelnut facts for all health-conscious people and those who want to become one:

No 1) the hazelnut contains many unsaturated fatty acids (these are the good fats, by the way)

No 2) it brings a lot of vitamin E and various B vitamins

No 3) you will also find magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium in it

What we do with hazelnuts

Incidentally, we use round Romans in our personal favorite Jana Banana granola. ❤️

Together with banana chips, buckwheat, maple syrup, coconut oil and much more, they are gently roasted in the oven and taste incredibly delicious and crunchy.

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