Mango Nice Cream

Mango Nice Cream

The best way to cool down: Nice Cream! A spoonful of joy in every bite.
Purple Smoothiebowl

Purple smoothie bowl

Who wouldn't like to start the day colorfully? Then this might be the right recipe for you.
Schoko-Bananen Bowl mit Granola

Chocolate banana bowl

Chocolate banana bowl Attention, here comes the ultimate and chocolatier breakfast recipe of all time!!!! 😬 Ok, ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the chocolate fans among y...
Pistazienjoghurt mit Mandel Granola

Grape bowl with pistachio yogurt

Have you ever made your own pistachio yogurt? Here is the right recipe for it.
Bananenbrei mit Buchweizen Granola

Banana porridge

For all banana fans and those who would like to become one.
Green Smoothiebowl mit Mandel Granola vegan

Green Smoothie Bowl with Mandel Britta Granola

With the current hot temperatures, sometimes you need some refreshment in the morning. Are you part of Team Smoothiebowl?
Tropical Smoothiebowl

Tropical smoothie bowl with Hafer Hans Granola

It's summer and you should taste it too. Who wants a delicious, tropical breakfast experience with crunchy granola as a topping?
Joghurt-Bowl mit Mandel Granola vegan

Yogurt bowl with nectarine

Nectarines provide plenty of variety, especially in summer, don't you think?
KiBa Smoothiebowl mit Buchweizen Granola glutenfrei vegan

KiBa Smoothie Bowl with banana and Jana Banana Granola

How about a summer smoothie bowl with banana for breakfast?